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About Beanpole Books

People enjoy books for many reasons. For children, reading and being read to is a way for them to travel and experience many different cultures and adventures. They can compare themselves to the characters, imagine what they would do in similar situations, and develop problem-solving skills. Books can inspire children to dream and pursue goals.

The children's and young adult books published by Beanpole Books reassure, support and build self-esteem. They share fantasy and stimulate imagination, while encouraging children and teens to trust their own judgment and abilities. Our books try to give children faith in their own and the world's survival.

Beanpole's general fiction titles are books that are sometimes gritty and fresh... and sometimes just plain heartfelt. They may provoke, entertain, and stimulate-- or they may just stir up a smile.

At Beanpole we believe that a successful book is one that feels authentic. It poses questions, opens doors, encourages discussion, causes laughter and tears, and invites sharing of emotions.

Our Submission Guidelines are available in pdf format.

Beanpole Books are available from all major distributors, wholesalers, online retailers and bookstores. For more order information, please contact one of our distributors:

Perseus: (800) 343-4499
Ingram: (800) 937-8000
Baker & Taylor: (800) 775-1100
Bella Distribtuion: (800) 533-1973